16 Sites That Pay You To Write Articles Online: Beginner Guide To Start

Last updated on March 24th, 2019

Here I will share with you 16 sites that pay you to write articles online. But first, let’s find out “How to get paid to write articles online” before I list down those sites.

16 freelance writing sites that pay you to write: Beginner guide to start

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Have you ever dream of getting paid to write articles online? Imagine staying at home taking care of your young children while still able to make money from home writing articles or travel around the world with a laptop writing travel articles for a travel magazine, etc.

I am in the quest to learn how people make money online. I personally think that having the ability to write articles and get paid for it is such a cool thing. You are not bound by location and get to choose when to work, how to work and who to work with

Have you heard of “freelance writer”? If not, Let me share with you what I have learned so far.


What Is A Freelance Writer?

A Freelance writer is a writer who work on a self-employed basis. Self-employed simply means that you are the owner of the business or you work for yourself.

What Is The Kind Of Skill Needed As A Freelancer Writer?

One thing for sure, you must have the passion and the love of writing. You do not need to have a degree to start a freelance writing career. What you need is your determination and passion to make it work.

How To Get Started?

Starting a new full-time or part-time career can sometimes be overwhelming. Where to start and how to start? What to do first? 

If you want to earn money by writing articles for others, investing in a course to kickstart your freelance writing career is a great way to begin if you want to cut short your learning curve.

These courses are created by freelance writers themselves. They have many years of experience in building this business, they will show you what mistakes they had made and how you can avoid it. What kind of articles that is in high demand that you should be writing about. What works and what do not. This will make your journey a lot easier.

Here I will list down two freelance writing courses available in the market which will teach you how to build a freelance writing career from scratch and how to get paid to write articles online.  

Freelance Writing Course:

#1 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success Sales Page

How this course can help you:

  1. Lay a good foundation in your new freelance online writing business.
  2. How to establish your new business?
  3. Decide what types of writing to focus on: Which are the most lucrative niches, What type of articles pay the best.
  4. Where to find paying work?
  5. Send your first and next several pitches 
  6. Build out your writer’s website
  7. Figure out your writing process
  8. Start promoting your new business
  9. Plus, a few helpful tools to grow your business

You can read and find out more here.

#2 How To Begin And Sustain A Career As A Freelance Writer

How this course can help you:

  1. Learn how to choose a style and genre of writing that is best suited to your talents and all the various types and genres of freelance writing and how to find them
  2. The pros and cons of starting a freelance writing career
  3. Teach you how to establish your name as a freelancer and build your reputation to start your career
  4. Show you how to set up and maintain profiles on all the best freelance job finding websites
  5. How to set up and stick to a budget
  6. Learn how to competitively priced with the skill set and make sure you are getting paid what you are worth
  7. How to establish long-term working relationships and contracts
  8. How to fight writer’s block and set realistic career goals
  9. and much more

You can read and find out more here.

Once you have learned the in and out of this business, its time to visit the online articles writing sites that pay you to write.

16 Sites That Pay You To Write Articles

#1 Vibrant life

They need articles that write about stress prevention while promoting improved physical health, increased mental clarity, and a sustained spiritual balance in the everyday life of the reader. Their payment for articles ranges from $100 -$300.

#2 Cooking Detective

As per its domain name, it’s all about cooking, recipes. food and product review. They are currently looking for articles related to reviews on kitchen appliances, cooking ware, kitchen fixture, and any products related to kitchen and cooking. Their payment for articles ranges from $75 -$160.

#3 Freelance Mom

Freelancemom is a community for moms. The articles you write should offer current practical and actionable advice, tips to their readers. 

Their goal is simple, what they want to achieve is that every article published on their site will be able to add value to their readers and readers are able to walk away with new knowledge and new approaches.

It is a must to have a PayPal account to receive your payment. Selected article for publication will be paid between $75 to $100.

#4 The Layout

Know a lot about WordPress? The layout is looking for you! Share your WordPress knowledge with rest of the word. Earn up to $150 per article.

#5 BIRD TALK magazine

Have a passion for parrot, canary, finch, and dove? Why not write for Bird Talk Magazine. 

BIRD TALK main audience is the general population of parrot, canary, finch and dove owners and written for the adult audience.

Their payment rate is from $100 to $400.

#6 Bless This List

No experience as a freelance writer? No problem. You do not need to be an expert to write to Bless this list. You just need to have good English, a sense of humor and loves for unusual and interesting things.

This site pay $100 for a 1,500-word list post/ 10 items minium.

#7 A Fine Parent

Share your parenting experience with their readers. A Fine Parent site is an online community for parents.

This site pays $75 for the selected article via PayPal.

#8 Healthy Living Magazine

Are you into healthy living? Healthy Living Magazine accepts articles on health-related topics. 

To know more about their payment rate visit their website.

#9 Carolina Parent

Carolina Parent is an award-winning print and digital magazine and has been around since 1988. Their readers are parents of children age 18 and younger who live in the Triangle. 

This site pays about $75 -$300 depending on the length and publication the content is being written for the article.

#10 Her View From Home

Her View From Home welcomes new writers. Currently, they have over 700 contributors on site in categories such as family, kids, parenting, relationships,  faith, and grief. 

This site pays per pageviews, up to $100 for 4,000+ views.

#11 Wanderlust

A British travel magazine with readers in more than 80 countries worldwide. 

Pay rate varies: fact pages are paid £90 per page (approximately 750 words) and for most magazine feature is £220 per 1,000 published words. Others please visit the site to know more.

#12 The Threepenny Review

Loves to write short stories? Why not submit your stories to this site and share your stories with their readers.

The Threepenny Review is a quarterly review of art and society. Each issue contains new poetry, short fiction, personal memoirs and essays on the book, films, music, etc.  

This site is paying $400 per story or article and $200 for poem or Table Top piece.

#13 The Sun Magazine

The Sun Magazine publish fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. This site pay $300 to $2,000 for nonfiction, $300 to $2,000 for fiction, and $100 to $250 for poetry. 

#14 Cricket Media

Cricket Media is an award-winning children magazine. They are looking to publish finest quality writing and illustration for children of all ages.

They pay up to 0.25¢ per word for stories and articles. For poems: up to $3.00 per line; $25.00 minimum.

#15 Popular Woodworking

Are you into woodworking? If you do, why not share your knowledge with Popular Woodworking magazine. 

This site pays up to $250 for an article of 600 words.

#16 Ultius

Ultius is constantly looking for freelance writers. Here is their requirement:

  • Freelance writers must reside in the USA. 
  • Either has a 4-year degree or be currently in pursuit of a 4-year degree

You need to go through a hiring process. This site pay between $9 and $18 per page (275 words per page).

In Conclusion,

The above list of 16 sites that pay you to write articles is just the start of your freelance writing career.

If you are interested find out more about the two courses I have mentioned above. Here are the links again:

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success Sales Page

How To Begin And Sustain A Career As A Freelance Writer

As of any business it takes time and patience to build a business. Be focus and work on it until one see a result.


Get paid to write articles online is one of the way you can make money online from home. If you like to find out what other ways avaliable, you can read this post: Top 6 way to make money online

Need more ideas of high-paying niches? Grab this 200+ high-paying freelance writing niches Now FOR FREE!

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