How much does it cost to start a blog on WordPress

Last updated on April 15th, 2019

Have you ever think of starting a blog but wonder how much does it really cost to start a blog?


To start a blog is super easy.  You can read my post: How to start a WordPress blog in 4 simple steps. In this post, you will find step by steps tutorial to start a blog.


I believe the main concern everyone has (which including me when I first started) is not how to start a blog but rather how much it cost to have a blog and all other stuff that needed to run a blog.


I have this blog for almost a year now. I will share with you my personal experience of starting a blog and the break down on all the cost incurred so far. How-much-does-it-cost-to-start-a-blog


Actual cost to start a blog: a beginner guide



#1 Hosting Company

To be clear, here I am sharing about starting a self-hosted blog, not the free blog.


In my post: How to make money with a blog for beginners, I wrote about why you should start a self-hosted blog and why this is important if you intend to make money with your blog.


How much or how less money needed to start a blog is really depend on which hosting company you finally decide to select.


In my case is simple, I wanted to start a WordPress blog. The reason was that it only cost me $3.95 per month which was less than $4.  I decided to sign up with


Do note that in order to enjoy $3.95 per month, you need to sign up for the basic plan for 36 months. This will cost you $142.20 for 36 months. As for the extra package, you can look at it but you do not have to select it.


You do not have to choose WordPress, There are other web hosting companies out there such as Shopify or Wix which you can look into it and decide for yourself.


Take Shopify for an example, one thing I find it very good about Shopify is, you do not need to commit for 36 months. You can pay monthly and if you decided to stop you can just terminate the contract immediately. No question ask!


Cost of starting a basic Shopify will be $29.00 per month. If you sign up for an annual package, Shopify will give you some discount. If you pay monthly, it would have cost you $1,044.00 for 36 months. 


Compare to BlueHost basic plan at $142.20 for 36 months, you need to pay extra of $901.80 for Shopify. That is a lot to me!


If you are only planning to start a blog, in my opinion, you do not need Shopify, WordPress is good enough for you. This will help you save some cost but if you want to sell products + a blog, that is to start an e-commerce website, you can consider Shopify. 


In my case. I signed up for the Plus plan instead of the Basic Plan as my sister was interested too. Since Plus plan comes with an unlimited website, all she need to do was just order another domain name and she can have her very own website up and running. 


Price for Plus plan is $5.95 per month for 36 months. I registered during Black Friday last year. That cost me $4.75 per month and for 36 months it a total of $171.00. 


I did purchase the domain name privacy as I do not want to receive any unsolicited phone calls and emails. It cost $9.48 per year.


My Cost:

Plus Hosting cost: $4.75/mth, 36 months = $171.00 (3 years) + Extra: Domain Privacy Protection: $9.48 per year

Total amount: USD$180.48


If you registered for the Basic plan, your cost will only be $3.95/mth, 36 months = USD$142.20.  You can sign up here if you are ready to start: BlueHost

(Do note that both plans come with a one-year free domain name and free SSL Certificate for WordPress)



#2 Blog Theme

Before I start my blog, I have read quite a number of blogs that advise their readers how important to have your very own unique blog theme. 


Thus, I spend almost two months searching for that perfect theme. Since the beginning, I have already decided not to spend money on a theme but rather choose from the FREE theme that comes with WordPress. 


After much search, I thought I have found the perfect theme but when I tried to customize it, it just doesn’t turn out right. Thus, another cycle of selecting and customizing. This went on for almost two months until I come to my senses that I should have spent more time writing my post rather than searching for the perfect theme for my blog.


Finally, I went with the theme lyrathemes by Kale. I find it super easy to customize. The theme is simple and clean which made blogging life easy for me. 🙂 


If you like to select other themes for your blog but having the problem customizing it. You can read my post “How to make WordPress them look like the demo“. 


My Cost:

Free WordPress Theme: $0



#3 Driving Traffic To Your Blog

Once you have a few posts published in your blog, you will soon realize that unless you do some promotion for your blog, not many people will come to know about it. 


That was how I feel.   I published my very first post and nobody comes and visits. So sad…


I searched on the internet and learned that there is probably more than 250 million blog online right now. Which means that having a blog does not mean that people will automatically visit yours. You need to promote it. But how?


I learned that there are two ways of getting traffic to your blog. You can either pay for a service or do it yourself, which is free.


Since I do not intend to spend too much for a start, I will try the DIY way.


Two strategies to focus on: SEO and Social media

To master how to use this two strategies: SEO and sharing on social media to drive traffic to my blog is what I need to do for my blog. Both strategies are free, all you need to do is do your own research.


I am not very good at SEO. What I do know is you need to have a keyword in mind in every single post you write. 


SEO strategy is free but it takes time to build. Thus, it is best to get your post optimized from the beginning. But how should I go about doing it? I have no knowledge and where should I start? I google and learned as much as I can but information was everywhere. This made learning very difficult for me.


While learning about SEO, I am researching about social media too. There is a lot of social media, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest to name a few. Instead of doing all, I decided to just concentrate on one.


I decided on Pinterest to begin with. I have no idea what Pinterest was at that time. How to start and what should I be doing.  


To cut short my learning time, I decided to invest in myself with a course to learn more about SEO and Pinterest strategies. 




Pinterest Ninja eCourse

While searching online for a course to start, I stumbled upon “Pinterest Ninja eCourse“. I started learning what is Pinterest with this course. Once you purchased this course, you will get all future updates for free and sent right to your inbox.


I bought this course at $34.99 in 2017. Now she is offering $59.99 as there is a lot of update since the first copy. 


This is a fantastic eCourse to start if you are only looking to master Pinterest. I have learned a lot from Megan and she is super helpful. Her course has helped a lot of people and you can read all about it here “Pinterest Ninja eCourse“. Just scroll down. 




Billionaire Blog Club (Dare to Conquer)

The next course I need to learn is SEO but if I keep buying course after course, it will cost me a lot. I start to wonder whether is there a course that covers every aspect of blogging from beginners level to intermediate and then advance?


That is when I found Dare To Conquer (formally known as Billionaire Blog Club) which fit into my requirement.


This is the curriculum included:

#1 The very beginning stage: Starting from scratch (this is for super new beginners who do not have a blog yet)

  1. Course: Niche Selection
  2. Challenge: Launching Your Blog
  3. Course: DTC: Pinterest
  4. Course: Content Creation
  5. Challenge: How to Gain Your First 1,000 Subscribers
  6. Challenge: How to Reach $1,000 in Revenue and Beyond
  7. Course: DTC: SEO
  8. Course: Billionaire Affiliate Marketing


#2 The intermediate stage: your blog is launched but still in the early stages…..

  1. Course: DTC: Pinterest
  2. Course: Content Creation
  3. Challenge: How to Gain Your First 1,000 Subscribers
  4. Challenge: How to Reach $1,000 in Revenue and Beyond
  5. Course: DTC: SEO
  6. Course: Billionaire Affiliate Marketing


#3 The advanced stage: 

  1. Course: DTC: Pinterest
  2. Course: DTC: SEO
  3. Course: Billionaire Affiliate Marketing
  4. Challenge: Creating Your First Paid Product



You can learn this course according to your level. No rush, at your own time.


There are even challenges for you to take on if you are game enough. Such as Launching your blog & getting 10K Pageviews or How to reach $1,000 in revenue. These are just two example, there is a total of four challenges. 


I bought this course at a very special rate of $199.00. They are having a very special promo at that time and I just go ahead and bought the course. No regret, support is super good. You have Scrivs, Marybeth and the rest of the members to help you out on Slack. You are not alone in this journey!


I especially love the email Scrivs sent to all the members, it is not the typical sale email but emails to lift you up if you are down and pull you back if you are lost in the blogging world. Here is the latest email he sent to us, you can read about it here: The 60-Day Business Headstart


Are you ready for a change? You can start with these blogging Bootcamp courses for FREE:

  1. 5-Day Pinterest Bootcamp
  2. 5-Day SEO Bootcamp
  3. 12-Day Blogging Bootcamp
  4. 5-Day Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp


If you are seriously wanting to start a blogging course and made a change in your life, I do recommend this course. One thing I need to highlight is, with so many new lessons added and updated since the beginning of this course, the price of this course has also increased. 


But the awesome thing about this course is once you join, you join for life. You do not have to worry about paying the next version or when a new course is added.


Pay once and you will be able to learn all the latest and updated online business resources forever.


Do try to get it as early as possible as prices will only go up as more and more lessons are added to this course.


Check out their latest offer here Dare To Conquer.


My Cost:

Pinterest Ninja eCourse USD$34.99 + Billionaire Blog Club USD$199 = USD$233.99



#4 Email Marketing


After you launch your very first post, you can start to plan on accepting subscriptions for your blogs. As all bloggers will tell you, the money is in your list. 


There is a lot of emails marketing company out there. Some you can use for free for the first 1000 subscribers and others are pay services for the start.


Since my blog is super new and does not have any subscriber yet. I decided to look for free email marketing services. I tried MailerLite and I like it very much. It super easy to use and comes with unlimited email.


By choosing MailerLite services, it helps me to save cost from the start until my blog is ready for the next level.


My Cost:

Email marketing: $0



#5 Social Media Scheduler

Currently, I am using Tailwind to schedule all my Pinterest pins. This helps me save time as I do not have to do manual pinning. I have two Pinterest accounts and with a scheduler, it helps a lot.


You do not have to have a scheduler, manual pinning on Pinterest work just fine. It’s a personal choice.  I started manual pinning for almost half a year before I sign up with Tailwind. 


Do you want to try Tailwind for free? Tailwind is offering a month free for you to try out, no credit card needed. To find out more visit Tailwind.


My Cost:

Tailwind Account: US$119.88 per year

I have two accounts, thus total US$239.76 per year.




Above are how much I have spent for this year 2018. It seems that I have spent a lot to start this blog but the true fact is there is only one cost needed, that is the hosting cost which is for 3 years. The rest are all optional.


Compulsory Investment to start a blog:

BlueHost $142.20 for 36 months



Pinterest Ninja eCourse $59.99

Dare To Conquer (Visit website for latest pricing)

Tailwind: US$119.88 per year


As you can see, it does not take a lot to start a blog but the potential earning for a blog is huge. You can read my post “How much money can you make from blogging” to get a better idea.


If you are ready to start a blog, you can sign up here BlueHost.


I hope this post has clear up your concern regarding the cost of starting a blog. If you have any question, do contact me. 




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